• March 2010 Newsletter
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    Did you put the massage tips from last month’s issue to the test on Valentine’s Day?  (If you tried out on your new moves on the dance floor, even better!) Keep those good vibes going throughout the year with three more ways to improve your massage moves and your dance moves: 1. Rate: the speed of…

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  • January 2010 Newsletter
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    Improve Your Moves I hope that the quality of massage you’ve been giving (and getting from) your significant other, friend, or family member has gone up since last issue’s tips.    Sometimes, though, it’s hard to know where to go or what to do next.  The same can be said out on the dance floor! …

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  • November 2009 Newsletter
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    I hope you’ve already incorporated the first two tips from October’s newsletter and you’re ready to take your massage game to the next level. Remember, by improving your hands-on skills, you set the example for your special someone. The holiday season is just ramping up, so let’s do what we can to de-stress each other:

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